Divorce Attorney


There are a number of factors in a marriage that lead a husband and wife to the brink of Divorce. It isn’t something most of us want to talk about and is certainly not something anyone thinks will happen to them when entering their respective marriage.

The attorneys at Bryant & Estell are experienced in assisting in you in navigating the difficult waters that lie ahead. We have the experience and compassion necessary to help find the best path for you and your family through the Divorce process. We have three attorneys that are ready to help you through the case while looking out for your best interests along the way.

Call or message us today if you have questions about what the divorce process entails, what your rights may be upon filing a Complaint for Divorce, how your assets may be divided, what may happen with the children while the case is pending, or any other concern you may have relating to Divorce.

Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody

The most important thing in a parent’s life is his or her relationship and time spent with their children. Are you in the midst of custody battle? Are you dealing with a controlling Ex that is dictating the time you spend with your children? Are you in the midst of DHS case and need help fighting for your rights? The experienced attorneys at Bryant & Estell can help you.

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with your children. Our experienced attorneys understand the child custody and visitation laws and know how to help you through the process to make sure your rights are protected.

Call or message us today for an appointment to discuss your rights and how we can help you.

Fort Smith Attorneys Adoption


Are you getting ready to adopt or assume guardianship of a new family member? We are experienced in all areas of family law, and our team is prepared to assist you in welcoming your new child.

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